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Registering to vote is simple and easy:

You must be at least 18 (on or before election day), a US citizen and a California resident, A person born elsewhere cannot vote just by being married to a US citizen.

You must re-register if you have moved, changed your name or want to change your political party. You do not need to re-register if you have missed one or more elections, if you are living at the same address

Official registration forms are available from your Business Agent, or at post offices, libraries, city halls, county election offices, Department of Motor Vehicle offices or on request from the state at (800) 345-8683 or online:

If you can’t or don’t want to vote in person at a precinct on election day, you can sign up for either a temporary or permanent vote-by-mail (formerly known as an absentee ballot).

Registration forms and assistance are available for Spanish speakers at (800) 232-8682. The same applies for many other languages.

No tests are given when you register to vote.

Another person may help you fill out the registration form; their signature is also required.

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Action Checklist

  • Register to vote
  • Find out who your State Representatives are
  • Find out who your City representatives are
  • Sign up for D.R.I.V.E.
  • Contact your Teamster Political Department
  • Get involved in your community.
  • Take our message to the public
  • Join the get-out-the-vote-phone bank for your local union
  • Check this website for updated information and bulletins